Good Points

The Police of the 1978 era.

The Zartex is the main police car when in the 1978 era, as it is replaced in the 2006 era with M700, The Zartex goes through a lot of pain as it is always getting smashed to pieces. It has great handling and a top speed of 105mph or 169km/h. This car is good for caching bad guys in a police chase.

Bad Points

The Zartex isn't at all durable for example, if you ram into it a 3 or 4 times the engine will steam instantly, this is one bad thing about the game they made it so its really easy to shake of cops, not so good if your the type of person that loves high speed chases that last all day.

The Zartex has probably been based on the 1978 Dodge Diplomat


This car also featured in Driv3r also as a police car in miami.

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