Dolva box

a dolva (box truck version) in the game.

Dolva flat

a Dolva (flatbed version) in game


The Dolva is a large cab-over truck in Driver Parallel Lines

It appears in both eras and is comon in industrial areas.

Its is mediocre in every performance category except for durability. It is strong enough to smash through a seemingly endless amount of cars and keep going. It also soaks up bullets, and comes in 2 versions. There is the standard Box truck version, and a more rare flatbed version known ingame as the Dolva Flatbed, though they are different vehicles in game they share the same appearence and performance stats, the only difference is the back.The Dolva is similiar in name and appearence to a Volvo Truck. top speed for both versions is about 80 in game.

In driv3r there is also a truck based on a volvo with the word dolva on the front.