The BX-9 is a car from the 2006 era which when unlock change era mode you can drive it in any era, it would be a little strange driving the BX-9 in 1978 wouldn't it?

This car can move although it's not as fast as the Zenda as the Zenda is a super car like the Bugatti Veyron.

Shape and CharacterEdit

As many websites say that this car looks like an Aston Martin DB9, which it has similarities such as the body shape the front on the other hand doesn't look like a DB9 at all, I've looked at a few cars and found that the front looks most like an Alfa Romeo 159, how? The grill has a smooth triangle shape only Alfa Romeo use,the rear looks similar to the Alfa Romeo GT Coupé. Of course on Driver Parallel Lines they widened it to make it look different. The front lights resemble the lights of the 159 and the Brera.